Two Jams 6/17

A Jam That Came Out This Week – “Creature Comforts” – Arcade Fire

I know, I know, more Arcade Fire. But this one is also a jam, I promise. A shiny disco jam, too, so shiny that it makes the shiny disco jams on Reflektor seem rather scuffed.

A Jam That Came Out Eight Days Ago So I Just Missed Out On Saying That It Came Out This Week – “Waste” – Brockhampton

LA’s biggest thing is Brockhampton, a collective of rap enthusiasts turned indie darlings turned eventual cult leaders headed by the super-talented Kevin Abstract. You will be hearing their album Saturation in bakeries and barbecues all summer, especially the booming machismo of “Heat” and the laid-back groove of “Gold.” But do yourself a favor and get to the end, where Northern Irish singer Bear//Face croons Frank Ocean lullabies over a sexy guitar lick, and make sure your popsicle doesn’t melt in the process.