Three Jams 5/12

In a poorly masked excuse for writing practice, I present the first installment of this (hopefully) weekly series, in which I share three jams.

A Jam That Came Out This Week – “Gospel” – Rich Chigga, Keith Ape, XXXTentacion

I work and socialize in a heavily Asian-American area of these United States, so it’s likely that I’m invested in this Rich Chigga phenomenon far more than the rest of the country (he only has five songs out FFS). However, it’s probably fair to declare this meme a real cultural force, now. Rich Chigga slaps.

A Jam That I’m A Little Late On – “Big Beautiful Day” – PWR BTTM

The dirty little secret about precious, anti-establishment indie-rock is that it has always been overwhelmingly straight, white, and male. PWR BTTM has the white part down, certainly not the straight, and the male part is a bit complicated. But the music is an otherwise familiar vague anger, like a polished Green Day, only gayer.

An Older Jam That’s Still A Jam – “Over and Over Aain (Lost and Found) ” – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

CYHSY is a band that still exists, mostly in the memories of those who were there when they and Arctic Monkeys kinda changed everything about music marketing twelve years ago, but also in the sense that Alec Ounsworth is still making music. Very little compares to track two on their debut, however, where Ounsworth’s low register sounds like David Byrne’s falsetto, with the same emotional imperative the Talking Heads always managed.





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