45. “Welcome To Your Life” – Grouplove (3) (mp)

Another summer, another summer jam from Grouplove. Ho, hum.

44. “Good House” – Deakin

As Animal Collective’s least notable member, one who decided to take a poorly-timed break from the band when their masterpiece Merriweather Post Pavilion was recorded, Deakin doesn’t get much press. But his natural aesthetics ripped straight from AnCo are hardly lesser-than, and his album Sleep Cycle was the best of the band’s 2016 output. They didn’t really put anything out to begin with, but baby steps.

43. “XYZ” – Tennyson

That illin’ cover art, gag me with a spoon, right? But don’t fret, the instrumental is anything but 90s. Maybe 2090s, if we still have rain forests in seventy years.

42. “Wedding Singer” – Modern Baseball (2)

“Emo but with a lot more perspective” would be a better classification of Modern Baseball’s sound without giving it an early-aughts stigma. But emo is far smarter than it ever has been, party because MB’s effortless wisdom forces everyone else to put down the tissues and bring their own nuance. Their own is still the best, however.

41. “No Limit” – Usher, Young Thug (3)

Young Thug has this habit of making every song he appears on his own. And if you even had to guess whether Usher Raymond had some help with “No Limit,” his best song in over a decade, Thugger is there in the background to provide some clarity.



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