30. “Show Me Love” – Hundred Waters, Skrillex (3), Moses Sumney, Robin Hannibal, Chance the Rapper (4)

Big ups to Howie Kendrick for a great walk-up song. Lets go Mets.

29. “I Broke Up In Amarante” – Los Campesinos! (2)

Gareth Campesinos! has a history of equating lost soccer matches to breakups, and breakups to death, so I can understand confusion from Americans (we only treat football losses like death, dammit). But getting blackout drunk after a painful tournament in Portugal sounds like a great way to get yourself sad, and a great way to find inspiration for your remarkably consistent emo band.

28. “Be Alright” – Ariana Grande (3) (P)

People need to stop turning Ariana Grande into Mariah Carey. Ariana has so much more charisma and personality, and not nearly the voice that Mimi has. But this lite-house sound works for the tiny diva.

27. “Cash Machine” – Big Baby D.R.A.M.

Rappers started singing a couple years back, and it was surprisingly not terrible! The obvious next step: singers deciding to rap. Frank Ocean does it. Anderson .Paak does it well. But the surprising entry was D.R.A.M., a gigantic man who’s never not smiling with hits “Cha Cha” and “Broccoli” that might as well have been written by a four-year-old. “Cash Machine” is the hidden gem, though, a hedonistic ode to the thing that counts the thing he likes a lot.

26. “Whatever” – The Beths (m)

The way she says “car!” The way she says “heaven!” The way she says “again!” New Zealand is crazy!


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