15. “The Curve” – Crying (2) (m)

There are fewer bleep-bloops, and that’s okay! Crying is still adorable, if not a bit more mature now, and the prog-rock sensibilities suit them as the soundtrack to every anime hero ever.

14. “Dapper” – Domo Genesis (2), Anderson .Paak (P)

“Dapper” has such a perfect vibe that Mac Miller lifted the exact formula for his own .Paak backed track. But make no mistake, there’s no beating the original.

13. “Come Down” – Anderson .Paak (2) (Pm)

Imitating James Brown is hard work. Even Bruno Mars, the world’s best-selling cover artist, needs to take breaks once in a while and impersonate someone easier, like Michael Jackson. But .Paak seems to have figured out the secret ingredient: boundless energy. A raspy voice doesn’t hurt, either.

12. “Girls@” – Joey Purp, Chance the Rapper (5)

How to fix Coloring Book, Step 1: replace “All Night” with “Girls@.” It’s basically a Chance song, anyway.

11. “Formation” – Beyoncé (3)

Lemonade left us with so many unanswered (and unnecessary) questions: who was Becky with the good hair? Why the happy ending? Are Bey and Serena Williams bffs now? It was a cultural moment that distracted us from her previous moment, strutting into the Super Bowl halftime show with a line of backup dancers dressed as freaking black panthers. That was a better moment, and “Formation” is the soundtrack that sort of rebellion deserves.



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