10. “Too Deep” – dvsn (p)

R&B is filled with metaphor and double entendre, as if we needed sexy wit before body rolling. But though a great R&B track, “Too Deep” isn’t deep at all, instead relying on straightforward pillow talk. Whatever works, I guess.

9. “Nobody’s Baby” – Sheer Mag (mp)

Maybe it’s Tina Halladay’s ambivalence that makes this song so heavy, but it’s probably the guitars.

8. “Sex & Drugs” – A Giant Dog (m)

Middle-aged rock ‘n roll is becoming redundant, at least according to any established definitions of rock ‘n roll. But I’m sure when kids were dropping the needle in the 50s, they never imagined that the parental forces they were raging against would be making the most important rock 50 years into the future. But in a generation where we look to not-young-and-beautiful people like Louis C.K. for wisdom, it’s good to have bands like A Giant Dog tell us what we have to look forward to. They offer more insight than Twenty One Pilots, anyway.

7. “Yesterday” – Noname (2)

Noname’s too young to be so nostalgic, and she recognizes the tragedy in that. She sees friends dying all around her and fears that she has an equal chance of surviving the next eighty years as the next eight weeks. As long as she has words and friends who make music, however, she’ll continue to push her innocent sounds, trying to remember when life was all about play.

6. “Caitlyn” – JANK

JANK is dead. Long live emo.


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