My ten favorite songs of 2015 (that I discovered in 2016)

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Here are my ten favorite songs between eleven and twenty-three months old:

10. “Send My Love To Your New Lover” – Adele (P)

It’s been five years since Amy Winehouse died, and though Adele is arguably just as talented as Amy, she still kinda feels like a consolation prize. But Amy never ventured into hip-hop, and Adele on a Metro Boomin’ track is something I can get behind.

9. “Vanille Fraise” – L’Imperatrice (pm)

Ice cream isn’t much different in France, I’m assuming. Maybe a little more cultured.

8. “El Perdón” – Nicky Jam, Enrique Iglesias (P)

I spent the last year in Spain without much motivation to Shazaam stuff, but this song stuck out. I called it the “gritando” song. Google knew exactly what I was looking for.

7. “How Does It Feel?” – Kamaiyah

There still aren’t nearly enough women rappers on the charts, but we’re no longer looking for gimmicks or sex appeal out of them for our listening pleasure. If you can spit, the Internet will find you regardless of your sex, and Kamaiyah qualifies.

6. “Natalie Wood” – TV Girl (m)

Los Angeles’s TV Girl obsesses over sex and old movies, paying special attention to old starlets when their interests conveniently converge. “Natalie Wood” isn’t their best, (*spoiler alert* they’ll play a prominent part in my 2016 review) but it’s a solid introduction to a solid band.

5. “Bedhead” – Profresher

I have no earthly idea who Profesher is.

4. “HÆPIД – Reykjavíkurdætur

It’s likely you don’t speak Icelandic, but watch the video anyway:

3. “Heaven Only Knows” – Towkio, Chance the Rapper, Lido, Eryn Allen Kane

Starting around February of last year, everything Chance the Rapper touched turned into sonic gold. That period is still ongoing, if you’re wondering.

2. “Swords” – M.I.A. (m)

AIM wasn’t Kala, but man, what is? “Swords” certainly is worthy of Kala. It’s worthy of second and third-world subwoofers, noisy protests, and annoying your parents, too. Maybe M.I.A. isn’t the force she once was, but no one is stepping up to claim her international throne. Long live the queen.

1. “Fan The Flames” – Sheer Mag (mp)

Maybe rock ‘n roll is a niche now, and that’s alright. Nothing lasts forever. But Thin Lizzy riffs and heartache? That’s timeless.


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