New stuff: Dapper

One of the first declarations I made on this humble web log back in 2010 concerned Los Angeles collective Odd Future and the massive influence I believed they would have on hip hop for the next decade. We’re now in year six of ten, and while just about everything besides Frank Ocean’s debut album has fallen short of expectations, and while the group may be officially broken or loosened up, we’re still getting interesting outputs from the collective’s secondary affiliates. Hodgy Beats released a decent tape last year, The Internet’s debut album was nominated for a Grammy, and now we get the debut album from Domo Genesis, and with it a single that has the potential to light up the summer.

The key word is “potential,” because while Odd Future has shaken up the music industry a few times throughout its run, its highest charting single was Ocean’s “Thinking Bout You” at #32 on the Hot 100 in 2012. But “Dapper” is different. Though it involves the same players, the single is groovy, mellow, and insanely catchy thanks to the contributions of Dr. Dre disciple Anderson .Paak. Domo sounds pretty good too, like a spaced-out Ma$e worried about nothing but his haircut and impressing girls. It probably won’t be the hit that I want it to be, but “Dapper” is a shameless good time on the roller rink dance floor, or wherever you happen to find it.


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