50. “Get Away” – The Internet

“Let’s go to space/be my co, I’ll be the pilot”

Los Angeles collective OFWGKTA’s quiet R&B assassins The Internet got nominated for a Grammy in a year in which the collective had supposedly died. Maybe we haven’t quite reached our Odd Future just yet.

49. “Bills” – LunchMoney Lewis

“oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man”

An upstart rapper from Miami takes a gospel piano sample and house beats and hits #1…in Australia. And New Zealand. And the United Kingdom. But not in his home country for some reason.

48. “Heartsigh” – Purity Ring (2)

“I can hear your back cracking” 

I followed the news from my Spanish apartment of the terrorist attacks in Beirut, Baghdad, and Paris on November 13th, and the next day I went to a Purity Ring concert. She began the set with “Heartsigh,” the first song off her sophomore album, a sweeping yet soothing offer to a grieving ex-lover. You can understand how the audience might have interpreted the song differently that night.

47. “Feeling OK” – Best Coast

“I took my own advice for once, I gave it up”

Best Coast singer Bethany Costantino probably isn’t going to recapture the magic she found on her band’s self-titled debut, which five years later still sounds like the best rock album ever made about weed and sunshine and ex-boyfriends. What she has found, however, is a nice comfort zone somewhere near the ocean.

46. “You Know You Like It” – DJ Snake, AlunaGeorge

“I don’t take things as they come” 

Sam Smith will tell you the Disclosure bump is real, even if vanilla artists like AlunaGeorge get undeserved exposure. At least DJ Snake was there to pick up the pieces and do what Disclosure couldn’t: make this duo a tad bit interesting.


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