40. “Patriot” – Crying

“take me back, to the smoke/back to the mighty oak”

The bleep-bloops are still there, but they’re Rush-y bleep-bloops instead of the video game squeals they previously blared. Crying is nonetheless adorable, and now they sound like they belong in the opening sequence to a girl-power anime.

39. “Here” – Alessia Cara

“but usually I don’t mess with this” 

“Here” chronicles a shitty party, which I’m still not convinced merits a deep exploration into social anxiety (especially when Lorde does the exact same thing Alessia Cara does, and with a lot more style). But you have to admit that Cara sounds excellent over the Bond-like orchestration, even if the striking maturity in her voice doesn’t match the emotional growth in her lyrics.

38. “Football Head” – Flamingosis

If you don’t think that “Hey Arnold” was peak Nickelodeon, we might have to Internet fight.

37. “Drank en Drugs” – Lil Klein en Ronnie Flex

*Dutch stuff* 

“Dutch is such a silly language,” according to my German roommate, and if the “Drank en Drugs” video is any indication, he may be right.

36. “Don’t Wanna Fight” – Alabama Shakes (2)





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