20. “Blasé” – Ty Dolla $ign (2), Future, Rae Sremmurd (2)

“I think I’m Nate Dogggggg”

The verses are lackadaisical, Ty $’s especially, which sounds like it was composed entirely out of a rap cliché generator. But isn’t that the point of a song called “Blasé?”

19. “No Words” – Hopsin

“I went to the doctor/he looked at my dick/and he said I got rabies”

Hopsin satirized rap that “fucking sucks” by putting out both the year’s hardest song and the best performance of his career.

18. “When I Was Done Dying” – Dan Deacon

“and the Earth looked at me and said ‘wasn’t that fun?’”

Hey! Dan Deacon! Is this what you think happens after we die? Alright, cool. That doesn’t seem so bad.

17. “Before The World Was Big” – Girlpool

“green black and blue trash cans meet me after school” 

Sisterhood! Yeah! Woot! I’m a firetruck!

16. “Grief” – Earl Sweatshirt (3)

“Lately I’ve been panicking a lot” 

Earl’s low stretches to his fi on “Grief,” easily the most disheartening song he’s released in a discography filled with anxiety and confusion.


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