10. “Vyzee” – Sophie

“tomato soup can”

 “Vyzee” is the squishiest song ever made.

9. “Norf Norf” – Vince Staples (2)

“Bandana brown like the dope daddy shootin’ in the kitchen”

Long Beach needs some effective municipal leadership, and someone with Vince’s gangbanging anecdotes might offer a sympathetic perspective on urban blight, police brutality, and the destructive economy of black tar heroin. Or he could continue rapping, which he’s already shown he’s very good at.

8. “Avril Alt Delay” – Aphex Twin

I expect to find a few compositions throughout my life that affect me as greatly as does Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14th,” but what I didn’t expect was to find the song’s strange offspring as entrancing as its predecessor.

7. “Sober” – FIDLAR (2)

“But what about me? I’m a fucking princess, too!”

Are you a fan of Dead Kennedy’s satirical take on the Orange County conservative? How about X’s nihilistic perspective of rotting Los Angeles? FIDLAR doesn’t do any of that, but they do sing about beer and jerking off, which is totally fine, too. And like their punk ancestors, they have a way with a chorus.

6. “Cherry Wine” – Hozier

“She loves like sleep to the freezing”

Okay, fine, “Cherry Wine” technically came out in 2013, but on the same album that didn’t really do anything until “Take Me to Church” inexplicably became a thing this year. But don’t be fooled by the radio: Hozier’s Irish melancholy is the real deal. “Cherry Wine” portrays an abusive relationship with such grace that it begs to wonder whether the loving façade is too endearing to be questioned by his open hand or closed fist.



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