The 6ix best Drakes of 2015

Drake was all over the place this year. He dropped a well-received mixtape poking at a well-publicized dispute between Birdman and labelmate Lil Wayne. He beefed with his labelmate’s boyfriend in the shortest and most one-sided feud in hip-hop history. He started not one but two of the most sensational internet trends of the year. Most importantly, however, he realized his potential by snatching the throne away from Kanye West in a year in which neither artist released an album. If 2015 was Drake’s peak, it was one of the most exciting peaks I’ve ever seen. Here are the 6 God’s six best moments of the year.

6. When he saved Fetty Wap from being a one-hit wonder

“My Way” is a lot better than “Trap Queen,” kinda like how Rae Sremmurd proved they were better than we thought when “No Type” blew “No Flex Zone” out of the water last year. But this had little to do with Fetty Wap’s yodeling and more to do with Drizzy’s anchoring verse in the middle of the song.

5. When his diss track got nominated for a Grammy

I love the visuals of “Back to Back.” Toronto hero Joe Carter in Game 6ix makes for the most topical album art of the century. Drake rapping over a hot beat to make sure that even if the punches don’t land, the people are still dancing. And then there’s the champagne he actually sent to Charlamagne. The song itself is pretty meh (I actually prefer his first punch “Charged Up“), but can you just imagine Meek Mill’s face glancing over the Grammy list and finding the song that wrecked his credibility?

4. When he inspired James Turrell’s quote of the year

You’ve already seen the “Hotline Bling” video, no need to revisit it. But do yourself a favor and look up visual artist James Turrell, noting the similarities between his aesthetics and the ones Drake stole from him. Now take a look at what Turrell said about it all. Maybe this was the ghostwriter Meek was talking about all along.

3. All those “Know Yourself” Vines 

People are really funny, man.

2. His touching ode to his mother 

I’m sure even Drake was surprised to discover that If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late sold more copies than any album he’s put out so far and charted eight songs at one point in 2015. It’s a really good mixtape, too, even if it is just a collection of B-side and low-effort one-offs. But on the forgotten back end is “You and The 6,” one of his many and still heartwarming tributes to his mother. It may end up as one of the most overlooked songs of his career.

1. When he leaked his unfinished collaboration with Beyoncé, and it was the best thing he’s done since “Marvin’s Room” 

Just listen to this. It’s incredible.

Apologies if it doesn’t stay up. You know how that should go.




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