My 10 favorite songs from 2014 (that I discovered in 2015)

Hello everyone! Happy early Listmas! I traditionally spend the entire year collecting songs I like, publishing them on this humble weblog towards the end of December, only to discover a few more the following year that should have been on my radar previously. So here they are in all their ancient glory: my ten favorite songs at least eleven but not more than twenty-three months old.

(Numbers in parenthesis reflect where they theoretically would’ve landed on last year’s countdown)


10. “Ello Ello” – RAC, Body Language (49)

I’m sure there are a lot of shopping mall employees sick of hearing this song, BUT I CAN’T STOP IT’S SO KAWAII!


9. “I Don’t Sell Molly” – iLoveMakonnen (44)

Molly was such a recent force in pop music that its rejection still requires prominent placement in song titles. It’s a stroke of genius for Makonnen, though, fashioning a hazy drug-slinging narrative as if we knew him all along.


8. “Lemonade” – Sophie (43)

It’s sour. It’s sinister. It’s…a burger advertisement?? Christ.


7. “1000 Deaths” – D’Angelo (39)

“1000 Deaths” is an arresting balance between the higher calling of peace and the immediate need for violent response.  It’s war, and it’s brutal, though D’Angelo does arise victorious with that guitar solo at the end.


6. “Break Free” – Ariana Grande, Zedd (35)

A perfect pop song didn’t make Ariana Grande any less boring, but there is some evidence that she’s getting sick of this shit, and that’s encouraging.


5. “Bang Bang” – Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj (23)

It’s a banger about banging called “Bang Bang,” and it bangs (though none of the three wear bangs in the video, which is a serious oversight if you ask me).


4. “Teleblister” – Clever Girl (20)

Clever Girl does rock the same way my seventh grade algebra teacher did binomial distribution – with swoons and melody and kites. Math rock can be fun, too!


3. “Olde World” – Crying (15)

If bleep-boops do nothing for you, then that’s okay I guess. But if the Super Mario Bros. soundtrack brings back cherished memories, Crying’s 8-bit blitzkrieg just might be the perfect sound for you.


2. “Broken Cash Machine” – Modern Baseball (13)

You gotta write about what you know, and Modern Baseball’s Brendan Lukas knows a lot about instant messaging and modems and the loneliness of digital relationships. Which is nice, because everyone who can get into emo nowadays knows a lot about that stuff, anyway.


1. “Good Mistake” – Mr. Little Jeans (6)

Sorry it took so long

A couple of years ago CHVRCHES became a thing, and then a year later everybody sounded like them. But with the copycats come the challengers, and Monica Birkenes aka Mr. Little Jeans layering her low register with a deadly groove presented her counter argument with groundshaking authority.


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