New Drake!

Were you expecting a new Drake song today? I certainly wasn’t. And the best part is…not one…not two…but three new Drizzy tracks dropped about an hour ago. It must be that Canadian generosity.

It’s understandable if you aren’t as excited as I was upon hearing this news, even if you are as big a Drake fan as myself. This summer has been filled with less than stellar hip hop releases, grinding the 2014 hype train to a halt. What with some lazy Chance the Rapper one-offs, a truly terrible Childish Gambino mixtape/EP, and King Kendrick’s disappointing single “I,” hip hop lost the radio play momentum it received in 2012/2013. But rap fans: fear not. Run The Jewels 2 dropped yesterday, Kanye and Kendrick releases are rumored for this winter, and in the meantime, we have Drake to tide us over with some excellent fillers.

There was once a time when rappers could satiate their fans’ demands by tossing out a throwaway track in between projects, but Drake’s OVO vehicle has stepped up the practice, mastering the art of releasing non-album tracks and turning them into sensations. For your listening pleasure:

“6 God” seems like a rough cut in his “Worst Behavior” cadence, and “Heat of the Moment” solidifies the rapper’s underutilized croon, but “How Bout Now” is the real diamond in the package. If it goes to the album, I’d call it a sleeper pick for the project’s third or fourth single. I would very much like it to hit the radio regardless; it’s catchy hook and quiet confidence give me the impression that Drake just raps in his sleep right now. The impending Yeezus resurrection needs to be something tremendous if Kanye wants to keep his throne into next year, because there’s another Jewish guy that’s nipping at his heels.


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