Party Dance Power Rankings

Do you like to dance at parties but can’t keep up with these new (mostly black) dance crazes? Well then, I am more than positive that you have partaken it at least a few of the following dances. Idiot-proof dances are this blog’s guilty pleasure, and as such, we here feel a need to countdown our favorites.

Some rules: each of these dances needed to have been created since the beginning of the aughts (sorry Macarena). Each of these dances also must also have an official accompanying song, as well as a basic set of movements (sorry Harlem Shake). Also, no satire. Only the real stuff here.

Using a highly scientific formula, we calculated the ten best dance crazes of the 21st century based on four criterea: accessibility (can your grandparents do it?), variability (can you improvise?), accompanying song (is it a smanger?), and fun (IS IT FUN TO DO???). Each criterium is based on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the highest, and each song is ranked in ascending order based on total score.

We know you’re ready. You say you don’t like these songs? Well, you’re not going to be much fun at your friend’s weddings for the next decade.

10. The Cha-Cha Slide

Accessibility: 10

Variability: 2

Song: 1

Fun: 1

This one actually isn’t much fun at all after middle school.

9. The Hoedown Throwdown 

A: 3   V: 1   S: 9   F: 7

Yeah it’s Disney and unnecessarily complex, but just try it at your next slumber party. It’s a blast!

8. The Gangnam Style

A: 7   V: 1   S: 9   F: 4

Two billion people can’t be wrong.

T6. The Cupid Shuffle 

A: 9   V: 3   S: 7   F: 6

Clean as a whistle and as smooth as the guy on the left.

T6. The Rejerk (or just Jerk, the jury is still out)

A: 6   V: 6   S: 5   F: 8

It burned hot and quick, but it was fun while it lasted.

5. The Soulja Boy

A: 7   V:6   S: 8   F: 7


4. The Cat Daddy

A: 4   V: 6   S: 10   F: 9

It has wheelchairs, squidward, guacamole pockets, and Chris Breezy pre-assaulteezy. What more could you want??

T2. The Nae Nae

A: 6   V: 10   S: 7   F: 8

The nae nae proves there is an inverse relationship between how seriously we take these things and how much fun they are.

T2. The Dougie

A: 2   V: 10   S: 9   F: 10

Nope, I don’t know how to dougie, but man I wish I did…

1. The Bernie

A: 8   V: 7   S: 7   F: 10

It doesn’t even have to look good to look good, you know?



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  1. Wow, some of these I have never even heard of… yikes!

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