New Stuff: Hold On We’re Going Home

In defending his song “Brenda’s Got a Baby,” Tupac Shakur famously declared that he wrote music for women, and that every rapper should do the same, because men will follow whatever women listen to. Twenty years have gone by since Tupac’s peak, and rap is as much a boys club as its ever been, with unapologetic misogyny a staple of modern hip-hop that doesn’t look to be losing steam.

Making music for women isn’t the biggest reason for Drake’s success, but with the young Toronto musician so poised to take over Kanye’s throne, it’s a wonder he has the moxy to ignore twenty years of successful precedent and emblazon his own respectful direction towards success. Drake is an excellent rapper, a capable crooner, and easily the biggest reason why anyone would defend mainstream rap as a hitmaking institution that also presents high quality jams to an endearing public. And while “Started From The Bottom,” his biggest hit this year, expertly follows a winning but overused template of melancholy luxury, tracks like “Hold On We’re Going Home” reveals Drake straying far away from what Young Money churns out from their stale breadwinners Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga.

“Hold On We’re Going Home” sounds thirty years old, and Drake, sounding thirty years old himself, effortlessly purrs throughout what could easily be considered a chivalrous response to Robin Thicke’s unnecessarily controversial “Blurred Lines.” Just imagining Drake smile and singing, “You’re a good girl and you know it/I know exactly who you could be” is enough to throw every fangirl into an R&B induced tizzy. Aubrey Drake Graham sings for your girlfriend, and he’s confident enough that both of you are going to download the album.


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