New Stuff: Disclosure, Duck Sauce, KAPTN

I’ll give the thriving EDM community credit: a lot of worthwhile dance music is produced today. The good stuff remains a small percentage of the entire spectrum of crap, but I can honestly say I’m more excited about electronic music today than I ever have been (which is like putting five dollars of gasoline in an empty tank).

Europe the continent is currently going apeshit over Disclosure, a band a lot of EDM fans will say you should love, especially after their most recent release Settle. It’s mostly good stuff, not earthshaking, but definitely booty-shaking. Disclosure does not sound fresh; all of their sounds sharpen ideas better DJs before them have implemented, but the Surrey duo is damn good at interpretation. Europe after all is the house of house, and even their mediocre discotheques probably sound a lot better than the ones stateside.

Europe may have the advantage over Uncle Sam, but Duck Sauce gives the States a puncher’s chance. 2010 single “Barbra Streisand” much deserved it’s place as a #1 hit, posing as this country’s middle finger to atmospheric and moody (well, British) dance music with the most arbitrary hook ever devised. “It’s You” keeps the same carefree spirit with an incredible doo-wop sample and a similarly astounding video. “It’s You” responds to Parov Stellar and his oeuvre of electro swing, and if other artists follow suit, this may become one of the more fun corners of American house music.

(This genre doesn’t have a name, so I’m gonna give it a go. Grease hop? EDWop? I promise they won’t stick).

This guy is KAPTN. His music is bullshit, but “Ricky Ricardo” takes its “I Love Lucy” theme further much more than I ever thought an “I Love Lucy” reference would ever go on the charts. “Ricky Ricardo” has received heavy airplay in the Southland the past two weeks, and there’s a good chance it catches “Gucci Gucci” or “Thrift Shop” novelty attention. I’m already tired of listening to it, but it’s different, and the “I don’t fuck with no socks” line is the first genuinely hilarious phrase I’ve heard in a song all summer. His video, however, isn’t nearly as clean as the show from which it is inspired. He’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.


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