Top 52 Albums

Theoretically, it should work this way:

I like lists, and to celebrate the end of my teenage years, I compiled a list of the 52 albums I hold dearest to my heart. Each week, I will reveal a new album, and if all goes to plan, #1 on my list will be revealed before my 21st birthday. If my dedication to this humble web log is any indication towards the satisfactory completion of this project, it won’t be completed on time, if at all. It’s worth a shot, however, because I feel this compulsive need to release my opinion to an audience of hardly anyone. So if you are hardly anyone, I appreciate your patience, and would like to remind you that Motown wasn’t built in a day.

First on my list is Stunt by the Barenaked Ladies.




1 Comment

  1. Well, your audience isn’t barely anyone. Keep at it, good luck, late happy birthday. I’ll buy you a whole case of shocktops when you finish.

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