New Stuff: Acrylics

If you are a regular reader of this humble web log (and if you are reading this at all, you probably are), you already know I do not think very highly of Electronic Dance Music, or EDM as the lazys call it. It is formulaic, repetitive, corporate, and heavily saturated in today’s internet based music market. I don’t hate all EDM. I am quite fond of Major Lazer, Dillon Francis, anything Moombahton related, and some Trap, but as soon as I hear a double-time clap segwaying into a quadruple-time clap in anticipation of a tepid “drop,” I turn the music off.

TNGHT is different. They don’t set out to synchronize their rhythms with lasers, as evidenced by their sudden stops exploding into mosh pit energy. They will not force happiness upon you. Their first minute of their new single “Acrylics” is positively terrifying. The pre-chorus isn’t there as filler to artificially build anticipation, instead serving as, duh, actual musical material on par with every other segment of the song. And then comes the sustained climax, which pancakes you into a flattened anxiety of what comes next.

I don’t like EDM, but I really like TNGHT. I would really like it if you also liked them.


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