New Stuff: Fuck Your Stuff

In December I published that I was excited that the Los Angeles based Odd Future collective sounded like the catalyst for hip hop’s punk movement, careful not to refer to them as flag bearers or forefathers to a seemingly paradoxical genre mix. At the time I wrote it, I was pretty sure I’d find something of their ilk that predated even their most arcane mixtapes.

Sure enough, I happened to stumble upon the Minneapolis Doomtree collective, a group dedicated to punk ethics, hip-hops broad audience, and thrash energy. Their style is more Public Enemy traditional and much more focused than Odd Future’s demonic and childish whimsy, and they’ve been doing this since before Earl Sweatshirt could get into a PG-13 movie by himself.

P.O.S. stands out as their leading voice (though P.O.S. has come to mean many things, anybody who ever had A.I.M knows it can’t mean anything but “parent over shoulder”). The beat sounds like how Kanye West would sample Run-DMC, while P.O.S. takes the opportunity to display his multi-instrumental talent, something most rappers only pretend to do for video aesthetics. Hip hop beat makers have sampled rock ‘n roll since anyone with an 808 can remember, but the distortion provides a bit more *oomph* as Doomtree proceed to deliver their heavy message.

If you couldn’t tell by the title, “Fuck Your Stuff” is a general indictment of materialism. It’s not anything we haven’t heard or seen before, but in an age where hip hop’s flash is getting terribly out of hand, a message such as “we genuinely believe that all your shit is fake” should be embraced by an industry so focused on material wealth. It probably won’t go beyond college radio, especially since P.O.S., as charismatic as he is, never comes off as preachy, a pseudo-weakness that will probably relegate “Fuck Your Stuff” to obscure anarchist chatrooms instead of XXL’s editorial page.

So whether you see “Fuck Your Stuff” as an irrelevant social exploration, a retelling of chapter 19 in the Gospel of Matthew, or an ironic flossing of selfless philosophy, I hope we can at least agree that it’s a nice respite from A$AP Rocky telling us how much gold he has in his mouth.


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