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Remember disco’s resurgence? Me neither. It died about 35 years ago, and thankfully it has remained six feet under where it belongs. People who were suckered in to liking disco were too young to purchase the higher quality soul and R&B immediately preceding Motown’s drastic and blameworthy left turn. Is it any wonder that the best selling game in the history of the Detroit Tigers happened on “Disco Demolition Night?” There’s no coincidence.

Occasionally a few throwbacks pop up. Wyclef Jean, The Scissor Sisters, Daft Punk, even Good Charlotte (?) have reawaken what is now a novelty to mild success. But now we have a true player, someone who can pull off a shameless Barry White ripoff with enough style and class to get a pass from Mr. White himself. I can’t think of anyone today to do it better than R. Kelly.

But it’s still disco! There’s no irony, no tributes, no individuality involved whatsoever (disco doesn’t allow for individuality, you see). It’s generic ad repetitive, no different than it was nearly forty years ago. Kells croons over a track scientifically measured to get the people dancing, and he does it with so much success that I can’t help but tap my cynical foot whenever it pops up. He already got me by the time the orchestration picks up and he implores his women to “populate!” How Genesis of him.



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