New Stuff: The Only Place

In a previous review, I stated that I liked nothing about Best Coast’s wonderful debut album Crazy for You, but every time I listen to it, it gets better, and by now it has become my favorite summer album and a quintessential example of lazy California pop. Naturally, I was eagerly waiting for their new album to drop yesterday.

And…my eagerness is gone. It’s gotten tepid reviews, and if the first single is any sign towards the rest of the album (a good bet, considering how methodical lead singer Bethany Costantino writes music), I’m not purchasing it. “The Only Place” is a boring song.

It’s a good formula on paper. They focus the production on Costantino, who would sound good singing through a dying megaphone, so you know the producers got their priorities straight. Costantino also continues with basic chord progressions and a relatively catchy hook, exactly what made Crazy for You such a charming album. The lyrics are awful, but her lyrics have always been awful, so that’s not an excuse for the lack of quality. The biggest problem is she sounds bored. Not like Crazy for You bored where boredom was driving her into a weed-induced and cat-stink coma, but a boredom that can only stem from a “someone is making me doing this against my will” mentality. Let’s hope this is a sophomore slump.



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