New Stuff: Forever West

In the months since Watch the Throne, the undisputed best rapper alive has been on a lot of collaborations with Rick Ross, Drake, and Jay-Z, but most alarmingly, they haven’t sound good.

I guess it’s expected for Kanye West to be in tune to what sells and try to capitalize, and though he jogs lyrical circles around his collaborators, his mixtape appearances feel like cheapened versions of the cathartic megalomaniac we saw on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Couple that with a tabloid affair with future mayor of Glendale, CA Kim Kardashian, and I am left to wonder whether Mr. West has learned his own lesson.

If he has, great for him, but if he hasn’t, better for us, especially when it leads to more emotional and groundbreaking music. This track, remixed by Urban Noize, shows West mastering just one verse over the Vega Choir’s interpretation of Radiohead’s “Creep.” And yeah, it might seem an obvious instrumental to integrate since it was featured in the trailer for 2010’s “The Social Network,” but West brings an A-game we haven’t seen since the needle dropped on Dark Fantasy. “Superbad chicks giving me Mclovin’/You would think I ran the world like Michelle’s husband,” he raps, craftily mixing pop culture phenomenons and political wisdom to boast his prowess (try that, Rick Ross). The song ends way too early, but maybe some internet buzz will give Mr. West the incentive to release a full track. But please, no more collabs.


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