Old Stuff: River May Come

You’d think with the Internet and Shazam that I would be able to find a song about which I have been obsessing for a period of time. But here I am, writing about a song I first heard four months ago, relieved that I can finally connect a track to its creator.

I know little else. Wild Yaks most likely calls a cramped basement apartment in Brooklyn home, probably consists of members sporting impressive facial hair, and just may have a fascination with Celtic barroom melodies. I’m guessing “River May Come” premiered somewhere on the Internet in 2008, and I hypothesize that my four month anxiety (which may be overstated) was worth the thrill of discovery.

My ignorance is meaningless because, no matter how obscure a band is, if they can one-up The Pogues on emotional intensity, they’re worth a listen. My four months of anxiety probably doesn’t match the four years these guys have been waiting for recognition since this song may or may not have been released. I hope they take solace in the quality of their sound, because Clear Channel certainly isn’t giving them any sympathy.


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