New Stuff: Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)

Regina Spektor, everyone’s favorite Soviet singer/songwriter, has returned with new material. Even though YouTube tells me this song is actually ten years old, no one really heard it then, so it doesn’t count.

She broke through in 2006 with “Fidelity,” a song so frail it felt Spektor’s voice would shatter with just a tiny shove off the table. Her voice captivates with no power. She sounds like the Jeff Tweedy of adult alternative (okay, redundant, female adult alternative).

“Don’t Leave Me” is every bit as cute as “Fidelity,” but listeners should appreciate the full orchestration (especially those horns) as an upgrade to the intimate piano parts Spektor clings to like a security blanket. Kudos to the French refrain, showing that Regine Chassange is not the only one who can carry a song in the France language. Double kudos for saying “Bronxy Bronx.” I giggled.




  1. This is sorta off topic, but do you listen to Florence + the Machine?

    (Tim likes her)

    And you didn’t like Real Love?

    • Florence has a spectacular voice, but her songwriting is pretty uninspiring, though I do like “Kiss With a Fist.” I had never heard “Real Love,” she sounds a little like Billie Holiday.

  2. Wait-“Real Love” was part of the Instant Karma album (the Amnesty International one).

    • i haven’t listened to that album since middle school, i don’t remember too much

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