New Stuff: Sixteen Saltines

Jack White has sizable fingerprints on the music of the ‘ots. He plays guitar better than almost anybody alive, and has written some of the most perfect pop ditties ever composed (i.e. “We’re Going to Be Friends,” “You’re Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)”) What amazes me is how he manages to make all his projects distinct. The White Stripes sounds different from The Raconteurs sounds vastly different from The Dead Weather (though can we drop “the” on at least one of the names?).

“Sixteen Saltines” comes from Blunderbuss, his upcoming solo release (though really, most of his stuff has been solo). The song utilizes Raconteurs style guitars and Stripe’s rhythm (that could be Meg White playing, it’s certainly sloppy enough to be). It sounds a bit jagged, especially with the harmonies, but it is distinct. It’s not “Hotel Yorba,” but it’s fine.


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