New Stuff: Four to Six

It took only twenty seconds of loud and fast Nintendo punk for the crowd in Pomona, California to fall in love with Math the Band. The early bird circle jerks and headbangers who came to see Andrew W.K. unexpectedly moshed early and without abandon to the most joyous musical duo I have ever seen. They hail from Rhode Island and play on a secondhand guitar, a two-piece drum kit, and a pocket sized keyboard-synth.

Guitarist Kevin Steinhauser unabashedly introduced a song by screaming, “This is a song about how I’m afraid of skateboarding! Seriously! IT’S DANGEROUS AS SHIT!” Everything-else-player Justine Mainville sustained the humor by introducing the next one as, “This is our fourth song…IN A ROW!” During times while not trying to saw his guitar in half, Stenihauser showed a nervous habit by dropping his guitar on the ground, stepping his legs through the straps, putting it back on again, and repeating the process until his part kicked in again.

In a serious moment, Steinhauser expressed how much he loves his little sister, but how “it was really funny when she got lice,” and proceeded to ram furious nostalgia down our throats. He ended by saying, “we have some stuff in the back, don’t buy it, it’s all bullshit.” I entreat you to buy their bullshit. They put on a fantastic show.

Here is their recently released bullshit. Viva punk!



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