New Stuff: Rella

Assured we won’t go a week this year without new Odd Future material, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and Tyler the Creator have released “Rella,” the first glimpse of their upcoming mixtape. If you want, watch the video on YouTube, because I’m not posting it here. It’s gotten over 3 million hits in three days, but it’s seriously insensitive to anyone with a stomach.

The song, on the other hand, will destroy nearly every other single released this year. Left Brain‘s production revels in the melodic minimalism that has refreshed ears accustomed to the formulaic and heavily sampled beats on Clear Channel Nation the past few years. The beat climaxes surrounded by pounding explosions, making this the biggest sound these boys have ever had to rap over.

They do it justice. Hodgy sets the foundation, Domo drops the jokes, and Tyler finishes, reminding us that this sickeningly authentic group would be nowhere without this preposterous vomiting prodigy. “Came into the game like Speedy Gonzalez/I’m fucking loony,” he boasts in one of his cleaner moments, and after a shameless chain of dick jokes, he finishes off by telling us, “Your momma looked like an ugly…loser.” Thanks, Tyler.

After five years of debauchery, Tumblr accounts, Bill O’Reilly, pathetic tweets, and free downloads, they finally have a proper single. It won’t get airplay (I doubt half of it could make it past the censors), but urban and suburban teens will together consume it like text messaging plans and chocolate chip pancakes. Odd Future has always fascinated and deplored, but now they’ve made something marketable.


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