A Love Letter

Dear Indie 103.1 FM,

I miss you. I miss the familiar sound of fuzz blaring through fifteen year old speakers. I miss your antics, your legal advice, your on-air drinking, and the care you put into maintaining a wonderful radio station.

As much as many would care to disagree, good radio is not dead. We plebs and proles in Los Angeles still spend an inordinate amount of time in cars, as so long as our iPods lack radio DJs and the true musical diversity we crave, we will be tuning in to archaic airwaves in order to live in the present as joyously as possible.

There has been no radio station I have discovered that did it quite as well as you guys. With the help of Jonesy, I could now pants or mustard my way to a more accurate classification of tracks. Native Wayne played me some island sounds not named Marley or Tosh and got away with using the Jamaican F-word (though I’m still not sure what it is). Mr. Shovel introduced me to local stuff I wouldn’t have been exposed to elsewhere (Sea Wolf, Band of Horses, Silversun Pickups, to name a few). I couldn’t have possibly enjoyed waking up if it wasn’t for the help of Dicky Barret, Joe Escalante, Surf Junkie Jeff, and Timothy Olyphant. A big thanks to the radio deities is also owed for “Watusi Rodeo,” “Harmony in my Head,” “Passport Approved,” and “Complete Control.”

But when you get down to it, I loved Indie because of what they played. For a good three years I got my music from no where else, and I can remember exactly in the car where I was listening for the first time to Arctic Monkeys, Morrissey, Radiohead, and Oingo Boingo. Rarely does a radio station demand attention, and it saddens me that a station so beloved by a few could not survive due to advertisers’ desires to reach a broad range of listeners.

Indie lives online, retaining a good amount of its former glory but losing some of its charm and all of its convenience. Jonesy has moved on to richer pastures, Henry Rollins continues to tour, Dave Navarro has a tv show, Joe Sibbs is syndicated, and the dial set on 103.1 now plays ranchera. I only had three good years with my favorite radio station, and I sincerely hope I can find another to share with this and future generations.

Indie taught me a few things. For one, KROQ 106.7 is a carefully crafted Clear Channel production feeding masses of rock fans behaving how Vans Warped Tour has molded them to behave (no malice intended Jonesy, I understand you need to eat, Sunday nights 7-9 pm). So screw that. But, more importantly, there are few ways to anticipate 5 o’clock like hearing Frank Sinatra lull your tired bones.

Thank you Indie. Music never dies, regardless of what YouTube commenters say.


A fan




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