I Just Had Sex- The Lonely Island

After an incredibly surprising debut, The Lonely Island returns in 2011 with a new album and a strew of new ways to laugh at harmlessly offensive things. The trio, lead by Andy Sandberg, broke Weird Al’s monopoly on mainstream musical comedy when Jizz in My Pants was released in 2009, my sophomore year. The song brought Andy Sandberg to new heights, created a catchphrase for all pubescent boys, and most impressively, revived the Saturday Night Live digital short.

And they weren’t done. I Threw it On The Ground, Like A Boss, Dick in a Box, and I’m On A Boat became cultural phenomenons. I’m On A Boat, which is one of the greatest songs ever recorded, was even nominated for a Grammy.

So, after being so incredibly gifted at poking fun at measly pop culture refrences, what did they come up with this time? They teamed up with chart-topper Akon and released I Just Had Sex this past December.

Really? It’s not their most creative idea. They have a couple of funny moments (“she put a paper bag over my head/doesn’t matter still counts”) but most of the jokes are stale (“It was the best thirty seconds of my life”).

Props to whoever got Jessica Alba on board, she plays a convincing unwilling partner. As for Akon, he’s no T-Pain, and while he brings the pop element into it, I can’t help but wish I was back on that boat.


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