Year in Music: 2002

Every decade has its chosen year in music, whether it be ’68, ’77, or ’93 (I can’t claim to know the 80’s). Although the jury is still out, my vote for the chosen year of the ot’s would be 2002.

We had to deal with the deaths of Left Eye, Layne Staley, and Jam Master Jay and an Avril Lavigne song being on top for two months (ugh), but there were just so many good albums that came out in ’02.

Eminem put out his best effort with The Eminem Show, and even that wasn’t the best rap album of ’02…

…because Missy Elliot dropped a classic with Under Construction

Interpol introduced themselves with Turn on the Bright Lights

Wilco thrilled underground North America with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Beck decided to slow it down on Sea Change (and as fantastic as it is, please don’t do it again)

And one more noteworthy album from …And You Will Know Us by The Trail of Dead (the name is way too long, which means it’s perfect). I just picked it up at Penny Lane in Pasadena for six dollars, it’s called Source Tags and Codes, and it had critics drooling when it was first released. I’m one of those unfortunate people that gives any album a chance if critics decide to put it on a ridiculous pedestal. I can’t remember this strategy ever failing me, but for the first time I was not looking forward to listening to the album.

I’ve listened to the album once all the way through, but it usually takes me three or four listens to formulate a good opinion about the album. I’ll share those soon.

Some nice 2002 rain music:


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