Some Thoughts To Start Things Off

Whoever is reading this needs to get Kanye West’s new album, its fantastic.

The best guitar riff of the twenty-ots: Seven Nation Army

Clapton is not God.

My top five artists (in no particular order): Beck, The Clash, The Beatles, Radiohead, Bob Marley

Cannot wait for the new Amy Winehouse (honestly, just listen to her)

Music trends are cyclical: rap is neo-jaz, techno/house/hardcore/dubstep is neo-disco

My first album I ever owned was Millenium by the Backstreet Boys

The first album I ever ran over with a bicycle was Millenium by the Backstreet Boys

Let’s hang on to Alicia Keys, I have a feeling we’re going to need her for a long time

White people, please stop hating on musical genres you don’t know, it’s ignorant

Greatest pop song ever written: Blitzkrieg Bop

McCartney > Lennon

Andre 3000 = Big Boi

First Wave: The Clash

Orange County: Dead Kennedys

Neo-Punk: NOFX/Rancid

Pop punk is not worth mentioning

I’m hoping SOMEONE inserts a symphony of vuvuzelas somewhere

I fell asleep during a Metallica concert (no knock on Metallica, they were wonderful)

Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis Missouri, Amoeba Records in Hollywood (though I’m dying to go to the Berkely one), and that place in Boston in Fanueil Hall, I know it’s a chain but the name escapes me, anyway weird place and nice selection

Are music award shows relevant?

Don’t read Pitchfork reviews. The ratings are good enough. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do.

Anyway, some Dirty Projectors, I know it’s old, but it’s still a great song. Haven’t posted a YouTube video yet, hope this works!


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